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Lust for Beauty: Top 10 Interesting Instagram Accounts

A selection of the most interesting Instagram accounts to help you learn about art, fashion, photos, and cinema. Skeptics think that Instagram is a bunch of cats, legs and food, or an opportunity to observe people’s personal lives. Instagram is a live photo magazine of creative personalities and world-famous organizations. We represent the most fascinating…

5 Ways to Save Instagram Stories

If you want to keep your favorite moments and Instagram Stories from your life forever, then we know how to do it very simple and almost without making a lot of effort! You are probably familiar with a feature like Instagram stories, which allows you to share moments from your life with your followers online….

What Are All Instagram Story Sizes?

Follow Instagram story dimensions and create your IG stories, photos, videos and IGTVs under all rules! Not many Instagrammers know that there is a special rule for uploading Instagram content. It applies to stories and any media files you upload. If you do not comply with them, you risk that your content will be cropped…