What Are All Instagram Story Sizes?

Follow Instagram story dimensions and create your IG stories, photos, videos and IGTVs under all rules!

Not many Instagrammers know that there is a special rule for uploading Instagram content. It applies to stories and any media files you upload. If you do not comply with them, you risk that your content will be cropped or even not be uploaded.

However, which Instagram dimensions rules are ignored by many? Let’s talk about it in our specially created guide! Read it and find lots of interesting and useful points:

  • Instagram story size;
  • Photos and videos sizes;
  • IGTVs sizes.

It’s time to do it right from the first attempt!

What are the image and video sizes
for Instagram stories?

Stories made a real revolution on Instagram in 2016. They were invented as a response to the Snapchat app.

Stories are small media files that are available for viewing within 24 hours after they are published. They allow users to tell their friends and followers about interesting events that happened to them at a given moment.

Every day, more than 10 million new stories appear on Instagram. They share one thing – Instagram story dimensions.

Instagram story ratio is 9:16.
That is, you need a resolution of 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height to upload media files in HD format. If your file format is different, then the app does it for you, and crops, zooms and leaves most of the space colored white or dark.

When you adjust the desired Instagram stories size, stick to aspect ratio 900×1600 or 720×1280.
It is the optimal IG story size that allows saving your file in its original form.

However, you should not adjust your file to the size of 600×1067.
Otherwise, you risk losing the quality of the files.

P.S.: Keep at hand this size memo of Instagram stories dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 1080×1920;
  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16;
  • Min resolution: 600×1067;
  • Max size for image: 30MB;
  • Max size for video: 4GB.

Don’t lose it! It is useful data on Instagram story resolution!

Create the best stories!

Let me remind you how you can do your IG stories. It will never be superfluous to refresh something in your memory!

So, the main point is to come up with your mind and choose the desired file from the gallery of your photos and videos. It is the most difficult because sometimes it can be a bunch of photos, from which you need to choose the most suitable. When the selection is made, follow the instructions:

  1. Find and open the app;
  2. Choose the icon in the upper left corner;
  3. Find the gallery icon and click on it. Choose the desired file and confirm the choice. Remember you can choose the file that has been made within the latest 24 hours;
  4. Take a photo now, if you haven’t done it before by tapping the home button on the screen;
  5. Add the necessary filters, labels, and stickers;
  6. Save and publish your story.

An essential rule of Instagram stories is that they should be bright and interesting. To do this, you have a whole list of visual add-ons. It includes special masks, icons and stickers that not only dress up stories but also attract the attention of other users. Thus, using Instagram stories, you can increase traffic to your page.

The fundamental law of the media space – do it on your conscience! Any lies and flaws are very clearly visible on Instagram. So don’t publish everything in the public domain! Plan each IG story in advance and dress up them with the cool stickers and emoticons.

What are the image and video sizes
for Instagram photos and videos?

Instagram is the place where you can feel the matter of size! Here, there are also special rules for any media files that you need to follow.

Instagram photo ratio can be 1:1 or 1:1.91.
The square format is 1080×1080.

If you want to upload a panoramic photo, it must be 1920×1080.

Portrait images are uploaded in 1080×1350.

That is, all your photos must be uploaded at a resolution of 1080×566-1350.

If you forgot to take care of all the sizes in advance, Instagram would offer you to create everything in the app. In the settings, you can select the necessary parameters that will not damage the visual component of the uploaded files.

As for uploaded videos, you should shoot them in the MP4 format. All of the configurable settings should look like the following:

  • Codec: H. 264;
  • Audio: AAC;
  • Bit rate: 3 500KBPS;
  • Max size: 15MB;
  • Max length: 60 sec;
  • Max width: 1080PX.

The video size is 864×1080 and the ratio is 4:5.

What are the image and video sizes
for Instagram IGTVs?

IGTV is not so popular on Instagram, but people are increasingly adding various video files using this feature. After all, the public available 60 seconds is often not enough to share a cool video with subscribers. And with IGTV, you can upload videos of a longer duration.

IGTV also has its own rules and nuances for uploading video files. The video file must be at least 650 and have dimensions 1080×1920, as well as aspect ratio 9:16.

For more clarity, save this list of necessary settings:

  • Codec: H. 264;
  • Audio: AAC;
  • Birate: 3 500KBPS;
  • Frame rate: 30FPS;
  • Max size: 3.6GB;
  • Max length: 60 minutes;
  • Max width: 1080PX

These are the main points, following which from the first time will save you from a headache later.

Instagram story dimensions:
Matter of size

So why is it important to follow all stories, photos, videos, and IGTVs file formats? Instagram, like any other platform, works under specific rules for uploading content. It includes not only the format of photos and videos but also the height and width of files, the resolution of photos and videos, their size, the minimum and maximum video length, stories and IGTVs.

Compliance with them allows you to save the visual component of the application. It is also essential since Instagram sets certain technical parameters that you will not be able to upload your media files without observing them.

Do not worry if you have not taken care of the necessary settings in advance. After all, you can always do this in various editors or in the app itself.

We hope that after reading this article, you can easily upload any Instagram content from the first time, without spending a lot of time editing!

Stay up to date with us and know about all IG story dimensions rules the first!

Instagram stories resolution

We have refreshed your memory and to remind you how to create stories under the basic requirements of Instagram. Now, let’s take a closer look at each parameter that you need to follow to create Instagram stories and upload them to your profile.

The first thing we will consider is Instagram stories resolution. This term is used as an analog of the term dimensions. However, they have different meanings. Dimensions are the number of pixels that each photo or image has. The resolution, vice versa, means the detail level of image supports.

High-resolution images consist of more pixels than low-resolution images. Therefore, images with a size of 1080×1920 do not look like high-quality images.

The popular JPEG format has a low resolution when compared to the PNG format. Therefore, JPEG is more suitable for sites where the photo quality doesn’t matter so much in parallel with Instagram stories. The time you spend uploading and publishing it is the key here.

On this social platform, Instagram story format does not play a special role. After all, no matter what format you use, whether it’s JPEG or PNG, nobody see the difference.

Dimensions for Instagram stories

In the previous part, we’ve already mentioned that the optimal resolution for Instagram stories is 1080×1920. This resolution is ideally suited to the parameters of modern smartphones and allows you to watch media files in portrait mode. Therefore, the height of the images must be greater than their width. Otherwise, you will need to crop the photo to the required Insta story size.

Instagram story aspect ratio

You can ask a logical question that modern smartphones have different screen resolutions, but open Instagram stories in the same size. And you’re probably wondering how it works?

It’s very simple! You need to configure a specific aspect ratio. What is the aspect ratio? It is the proportionality between the height and width of the image. For more than 10 years, smartphones have a standard aspect ratio of 9:16.

Don’t believe it? Let’s check it out in a practical way. For example, iPhone 7 Plus has 1080×1920 resolution rate. As a comparison, Samsung Galaxy S6 has 1440×2560 resolution. However, the aspect ratio of both smartphones is 9:16.

Instagram story image size: The last step!

According to our action plan, after you have made or selected the desired media file to download, you need to check its parameters. If at least one of them does not fit the requirements of Instagram photo size, you need to crop the photo or image to the desired resolution using any editor.

Besides, you can edit media files directly in the Instagram app. Instagram has a convenient built-in editor that allows you to make the necessary files correspond to the requirements Instagram story picture size.

After you have checked all the necessary parameters of the future Instagram story, it’s time to save all the changes and publish it! If you did everything right, then your stories will adorn your profile exactly as you originally intended them to be!

How to use Instagram stories?

Instagram story is a fantastic tool for promoting not only your account but also your business profile and brand. According to statistics, Instagram stories are viewed 3 times more often than regular posts. The main reason is that the stories look brighter and can notify the user about something in a short time. Besides, they are convenient to watch. You can do this simply swiping all the new stories.

If you are interested in Instagram promotion, catch a few ideas on how you can use Instagram stories for your blog:

  • Promote the Instagram store.

Use Instagram stories as a notification channel to increase the revenue of your Instagram business. You can make bright images with fascinating text that will interest your followers to continue working with you and to place new orders. You can offer them discounts, promotions, and notify them when new products arrive.

  • Promote published content.

Since Instagram uses a certain algorithm that allows new posts to appear in the news feed, your post may not be shown in the feed of some of your followers.

Therefore, they may miss relevant and interesting posts. But if you make Instagram a story about a new photo or video with useful information in your profile, they will be interested and go to your account to get acquainted with the news. Such a way allows you to increase traffic to your Instagram account.

  • Show secrets or your real life.

We are all interested in knowing something secret and hidden from prying eyes. Speaking of Instagram business, it is the details of production or additional information about the company or brand, for example, interesting facts. If you run a personal blog, for example, you are model, then your followers will be interested to see behind the scenes of fashion shows or fashion shoots.

  • Use as channel for advertising.

Do you agree that making ads posts in the main feed is much more energy-consuming than using Instagram stories for this? Also, advertisers often choose this type of channel for advertising, because it is cheaper and it does not require a lot of effort and time to create an ad.

  • Announce the followers about the news.

If you run a useful blog where you publish various life hacks, then to promote your profile, you need to make short videos about what new life hacks your audience should expect. The brighter and more attractive you do this, the more followers you will have.

  • Communicate with your followers.

Using Instagram stories, you can easily and quickly communicate with your audience. After all, thanks to various widgets, like opinions and the ability to ask a question, you can find out the opinion of your audience or allow learning something new about you.

In any case, Instagram stories are an excellent tool for attracting even the target audience to your personal or business account. And if you want to increase page traffic and overall impressions rate, don’t forget to post them not only in time but also under all the requirements of Instagram stories.

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