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Surely, when you open a new site you often see a variety of online tips, contact forms, panels for reviews. These are website widgets that make everything for attracting the attention of people on the site and finding the right information easier.

Widget for webs – a great feature for entrepreneurs who want to maximize the uniqueness and effectiveness of the site, as well as increase the level of its conversion and lead generation. It is thanks to the widgets for websites you can hold the user’s attention on the site, as well as encourage him to make a specific action.

One of the most effective ways to push a person to a specific action is to use widgets for websites, which include 14 varieties of this tool. For example, online support, receive a coupon, send the necessary information to the mail, etc.

Today we will talk in detail what are widgets for website, the pros and cons of using them, as well as the variety of website widgets, and which one is best for you to use on your site.

What is a website widget?

Widget for webs is a software element on a website whose main purpose is to interact with the user. These are a kind of software application that can be used on any website. Widgets for websites work online and are aimed at interaction with each individual user. They are as personalized as possible.

Basically, widgets for websites are used as a business card of the site, which has its own specific flavor. It is a feature that brings attractiveness, uniqueness, and efficiency to each site. In addition, the use of widgets can raise the level of business to new heights, as sites that use widgets are considered more trending, modern and worthy of the trust of users.

It is worth noting the fact that the widgets increase the overall attendance of the site, as well as configured to collect additional information on a particular user or potential customer. On the basis of this information in the future, it will be possible to build a marketing campaign for the needs of the main body of the audience.

The main functions of widgets include the following:

  • Attract attention.

As the saying goes, first impressions count. Therefore, it is very important to make your site as beautiful as possible, so that each new user can see not only an informative side, but also a visual component, which would be pleasant to the eye and attract his attention, and encourage him to commit a certain action in the future.

  • Collect information about the user.

Widgets play the role of a collector of information about a particular person. After all, the user leaves his contact information, subscribes to mailouts, shares the site in social networks.

  • Structure the site.

Thanks to widgets, any site can be conveniently, and most importantly structured to build in terms of design solutions. You can use various charts and graphs, statistics, customer reviews, products rating, visit widget, website comments, etc., which will play the role of accurate structured information, and will be able to visually divide all the information into blocks.

  • Work under the customer needs.

Widgets allow you to adapt to the needs of a particular client. They remove all unnecessary information that takes up a lot of space and makes all the necessary and important information in a clear and accessible mode for everyone.

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Website Widgets:
Why do you need to use them?

In 2019, most customers put the quality of service first, and only then the quality of products. They re-order goods and services on those sites that were able to envelop the care and respect of the client at the initial stage of acquaintance.

According to a study provided by American Express, people were willing to buy 19% more on those sites where they have received excellent service, in addition to quality products. Therefore, marketers should pay attention to this aspect of working with the company’s website and invest additional investments in widgets, which will bring their benefits and profits in the future in a double amount.

Besides, the step-by-step development of good customer relationships plays a key role in making a repeat purchase or order. In percentage terms, approximately 81% of customers who made a purchase on the site for the first time return if at each stage of ordering goods they observed a respectful and quality service of site managers.

This rule works the other way around. About 52% of first-time customers who have experienced a bad attitude at the stages of ordering goods refuse to re-purchase on this site, despite the good quality of the products.

Therefore, in order for your customers to stay with you and enjoy not only the quality of products but also a decent level of service, use the following best website widgets that can be selected for the realities of your site:

  • Informational.

This widget pack contains some useful information, such as news about the beginning of the discount program on any product, popup sales, product ratings. It greatly simplifies the search for relevant information and quickly pushes a potential customer to make an order.

  • Coupon.

This widget allows the user to get an additional discount on a product or service if he uses a popup widget of coupon. To do this, he needs to enter his data in the field and receive a coupon in the mail. Thus, you get the contact details of the client, which can be used for future mailouts.

  • Live Counter.

Thanks to it, each new user of the site sees in real time the number of visitors to the site at the moment. This indicator sufficiently affects the overall degree of confidence in the site and the products.

  • Email Collector.

This widget makes it easy to find the registration button on the site, as it is always at hand. Thus, you once again push the user to register on your site, enter personal data and further work with his personal data.

  • Latest Conversion.

A new user who has subscribed to the service is shown in real time. This widget works like a light bulb and the person has the idea that he also wants to get into this community of lately subscribed people.

  • Conversions Counter.

The pop up conversions widget shows the number of people who have placed an order recently. This figure affects the confidence of the potential buyer, as he sees the number of customers who have already made an order.

  • Video.

The widget offers a preview of the demo version of the implemented product rating on video. Thus, you can visually demonstrate the necessary goods and it brings ultimate sales boost. In addition, this widget simplifies the process of searching for this video on the main page.

  • Social Share.

The widget is aimed at increasing the number of potential users by means of the button to share information about the company in other social networks. In order to share, the user enters his contact and personal information, as well as open access to his social networks, where you can learn more about his interests in order to offer him goods based on this information.

  • Random Review.

Random feedback review widget allows potential customers to get acquainted with the quality of service and product from the first minutes. Thus, the user can form an initial opinion about the products and the attitude of the site managers to the customers under the influence of customer reviews.

  • Emoji Feedback.

The widget allows you to find out from customers how much they like the company’s website, products sold, etc. It is a cool alternative to comments. The user evaluates this using the presented emojis. This widget is an entertaining element of the site, which brings a touch of spontaneity and fan.

  • Cookie Notification.

Widget that notifies the user that while he is on this site he agrees to the use of cookies on his computer or mobile phone.

  • Score Feedback.

Thanks to this rating widget, a person can rate a site or product using a numerical score indicator. This assessment will help you evaluate the work of the site and managers in general.

  • Request Collector.

The widget pack provides a direct opportunity to contact the support team to resolve specific issues. It simplifies the process of finding answers to questions.

  • Countdown Collector.

A pop up widget that reminds you of a temporary promotion of a site or brand. It is a clock that counts down to the end of the action. The widget works like a light bulb, because if a person sees that time is limited, then he wants to place an order as quickly as possible because the offer is limited or the necessary goods are in limited quantities.

These widgets can help attract new visitors to your site, increase sales of your brand, build a base of regular customers, and in general, make the site convenient, attractive and multifunctional.

Reasons to use widgets

In addition to all the previously listed reasons and benefits of using widgets, you can add a point that widgets help lead the user to new sections on your site. It is not always possible to put all the necessary and important information on the main page, and with the help of convenient pop-up widgets, you can tell users where and what is on the site.

Widgets help as long as possible to keep the attention of users on the site, as they offer them more and more new services, paying attention to which, the user is increasingly studying the site, goods and services.

Therefore, the longer you keep the user’s attention on your site, the more likely he will order any of the products or services and thus increase the number of orders.

Aren’t you tired of low sales rates?

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We have prepared for you 6 additional benefits of using widgets on your site:

  1. Acquisition of new customers.

Do you agree that it is convenient when on the site there is all the necessary information at hand? This greatly simplifies the search for the necessary information and therefore does not make the user angry and hysterical about how complicated everything is structured on your site. If you create all the necessary conditions for the use of sites from the beginning, the person from the usual user becomes a regular customer.

2. Popularization by viral radio.

To learn about your site and business as many people as possible, the good old way of viral radio works quite effectively in this way. After all, when it is convenient for the user to be on your site, he will most likely recommend it to friends, as well as make a repost with information about it in social networks. In addition, do not forget to thank such loyal customers and give them gifts, promotions, and promotional codes.

3. Attraction of users’ attention.

Widgets help to focus customers’ attention on bright and unusual media files that not only attract with their visual aesthetics but also have a high degree of feedback in the form of increased sales, the number of customers, as well as the overall popularity of your brand.

4. Help the needs of the users.

Due to the fact that widgets push users to commit certain actions and enter personal information, you can conduct an initial analysis of their interests and needs, on the basis of which to understand which product is better to offer to a particular person.

5. Increase the sympathy of users.

Widgets are aimed at detailed ordering and structuring of all necessary information. However, they do it through a beautiful visual image, which reduces unnecessary information and leaves only the most reliable and proven facts. Thus, you save potential customers from unnecessary actions and frustrations that may arise in the process of finding the necessary information.

6. Focus on long-term cooperation.

Widgets are able to do everything possible to make the common user who visited your site turned into a regular customer who is filled with deep sympathy for your work and business. Thus, all those who see your efforts for the first time will definitely be able to assess them in perspective.

As you know, no business will work without customers. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to keep the attention of a potential client for a long time. To do this, it is best to use widgets that are aimed at step-by-step work with the client and that will bring you many more benefits than it may seem at first glance.

Therefore, pay attention to the existing 14 widgets and implement them in the sphere of your business to increase sales, the number of customers and the overall recognition and popularity of the brand and site.

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